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Quality Custom Cabinetry in Kingsport

Solid wood kitchen cabinets

Congratulations on choosing custom-built solid wood kitchen cabinets! This is a decision you will not regret as you are increasing the value of your home and increasing the function of one of the most used spaces in your entire living space. Once you have settled on solid wood kitchen cabinets, you still must decide which type of wood you would like for your cabinets’ construction.

Different types of wood have their advantages and things to consider. Here are some of the options we offer here at All Wood Cabinets:

  • Cherry: This warm wood typically has red undertones. The color of the wood can vary significantly but it tends to darken with age. The grain is typically smooth and even, giving the cabinets a polished, upscale look.
  • Maple: This strong, resilient wood is typically white or creamy white in color. The grain pattern is subtle, and the cabinets generally have a smooth, uniform look.
  • Oak: Known for wormholes, knots and a distinct grain pattern, oak cabinets are a classic choice. Streaks of color caused by mineral deposits are also common in the wood.
  • Alder: If you want a rustic look with a straight, even texture, consider alder. You should be aware that it is a softer wood, more likely to get dented or scratched.
  • Hickory: For a rustic look that can withstand more use, hickory might be the right choice. The color contrast between the heartwood and sapwood creates visual interest as well.
  • Walnut: This warm option tends to get lighter with age and has a smooth, straight grain.

As custom solid wood kitchen cabinet builders, our goal is complete customer satisfaction. If you are still not sure what type of wood you would prefer for your new kitchen cabinets, or which would best suit your needs and lifestyle, we are happy to help.