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Bathroom cabinets

If you are completing home renovations, chances are you are replacing your kitchen cabinets. If you are investing in new kitchen cabinets, it is a good idea to consider new bathroom cabinets as well. You don’t want the contrast of brand new cabinets in one room with outdated cabinets in the other. It can be a great design choice to tie in elements from different rooms, and it can be cheaper to order a few more cabinets for your bathroom now than to try to match the bathroom cabinets later.

If you are getting ready to choose new bathroom cabinets, here are some things to consider:

  • Cabinet height: Older bathroom vanities tend to be lower, but the new standard is 36 inches high, which is more comfortable for most adults using the bathroom space.
  • Cosmetic station: If you want to create a place for personal grooming and cosmetic application, this can be a great addition to your new bathroom cabinets. Make sure that it has plenty of handy storage for cosmetics and other products, as well as a place to sit at the vanity.
  • Consider storage: Look at your current bathroom cabinets. Do you have enough storage? Do you need more storage? If you need more storage, what types of storage do you need? This is a space that is used every day by all the members of your family, so it is important that it functions well.

When it comes to choosing and purchasing bathroom cabinets, it is important to create a budget before you get started and remember that functionality is most important. You want the bathroom to look great, but most importantly, it needs to make your day-to-day life easier.