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Quality Custom Cabinetry in Kingsport

Cherry Bathroom Cabinets, Blountville, TN

Our cherry bathroom cabinets are made in the USA for durability and beauty while being affordable for your Blountville renovation project.

Cherry Bathroom Cabinets, Blountville, TN
It is a common misconception that the only way to get affordable cherry bathroom cabinets is to settle for big box, mass-produced, particle-board, imitation-cherry cabinets. Here at All Wood Cabinets, we want you to know that you can get an all-wood cabinet that is made in the USA at an affordable price. In fact, our cherry bathroom cabinets are a lower price than any big box store, yet have exceptional quality.

Another thing that is affordable is our design and planning service. It costs you nothing extra! We just want to make sure your renovation is exciting, less stressful, and more affordable than you might imagine it could be.

If you think about it, particle board is a horrible material to use in bathrooms. It swells when it gets wet and usually doesn’t go back to its original size and shape once it dries. That means a bathroom plumbing leak or drain backup is going to result in needing new cabinetry. Our all-wood cherry bathroom cabinets can survive minor water leaks without excessive damage. It is also possible to repair natural wood, whereas particle board must be completely replaced.

When you want the beauty of cherry bathroom cabinets while staying in your budget and having lasting beauty in your Blountville, Tennessee home, we are confident that we are your best choice. Feel free to visit our showroom to learn about the many different styles and hundreds of color options we offer. Our experienced and caring staff is on hand to answer all your questions and give you a quote for your bathroom renovation project.

At All Wood Cabinets, we offer high-quality cherry bathroom cabinets in Kingsport, Blountville, Harrtown, Bloomingdale, Spurgeon, Bristol, Boring, Walnut Hill, Church Hill, and Mt. Carmel, Tennessee.